Project Room

When the implementation project begins, our team will create a Project Room to help us work together with document management, secure file transfers, and access to test environments.


This Project Room is hosted on the same infrastructure as the live environment, using the same ISO27001 certified information security management system, making it suitable for transferring any data that will be managed by your live application.

Managing access

After the Project Room has been created, Haplo will create a single administrative user account for the institution’s project manager. They will receive an email asking them to set a password by clicking a secure link.

Once this account has been set up, the project manager can manage access for all other institutional users by clicking the Manage users… button on the home page.

Project room permissions

All institutional users have the same access (although only users authorised by the project manager will be able to invite others to the project room). Only grant access to colleagues who are permitted to view the information managed in the Project Room.

Sending secrets

You may need to send us secret information, for example passwords and API keys to other institutional system, and a test user in your identity management system.

On the home page, click the Send secrets… button, and fill in the form. After you have saved the secret, the account details (e.g. username) will be visible to anyone, but the secret (e.g. password) will only be visible to technical members of the Haplo team. All access to the secret information is audited.

Sending files

The Project Room is used to send us files securely. From the home page, click the Send data file… button, upload the file, and click Save.

Please do not send files by email.


All documentation, specifications and requirements will be uploaded to the Project room. Click All documents on the left to view the document library, then the project name on the left to see documentation for a specific project.

Form builder

Most of your processes will ask users to complete forms.

We’ll set up the forms you need in the Project Room, and then you’ll use the Form Builder in the Project Room to create and edit your forms. Select the relevant project on the left, then a configuration option to view the forms for that function.

After you have edited the forms, Haplo will transfer them to your test or live applications after a quick technical check.

Accessing test environments

During the implementation process, we’ll provide one or more test environments for your testing. When these are available, you’ll be able to log in via the Project Room.

Click Test applications… on the home page, click on the application, then click the Login… button.

After your application has been deployed, your test environment will continue to be available in the Project Room.