Data can be pushed in or retrieved on an ad-hoc basis. The available options fall into categories:

  • User information always uses the user sync mechanism.
  • Data can be pushed into the Haplo application using our REST API. This is self service and we will guide you in setting it up.
  • Automatic integrations to send messages from the Haplo application to your systems on changes to data or other events, where:
    • your systems can poll the Haplo application for messages, or
    • the Haplo application can push messages an HTTPS endpoint implemented by your systems.
  • Where changes are low volume and it is not cost effective to implement an automatic integration, the Haplo application can maintain a list of changes for an administrator to apply manually in the institution’s system.

As part of the implementation project, the Haplo team will discuss the required integrations to determine the best method of integration.