Email relay

Haplo Research Manager sends email notifications to users at key points in research projects, and during workflows to alert users that actions are required.

It is essential that these emails are delivered to users, but anti-spam measures make it hard for third party suppliers to deliver email on behalf of your institution.

To ensure good deliverability, we highly recommend that you allow us to relay email through your SMTP servers. This is needed for members of your institution, and to external users who have addresses at other institutions.

We need to configure email relaying towards the end of the setup project, when your live application has been created, but before anyone starts using it. You can provide the details earlier, and we will test them when we set up the live application.

Office 356

If you use Office 365, please follow the separate instructions.

Other email servers

Please set up an authenticated account on your SMTP server which will allow us to relay email to any user, with any sender under your institution’s domain.

Through your project room, please send us:

  • server hostname (eg
  • username (eg haplo)
  • password

We will test these credentials, and then apply them to your live application. These credentials should be supplied in good time, so we can resolve any issues before go-live.