User sync control file

To set up the user sync, you need a control file to map the data you’re providing.

The Haplo team will write the initial version of the control file, and hand it over to you for review and final changes. To start this process, please send the initial data files and your institutional structure via your Project Room using a dedicated setup tasks. A recommended format of data files is JSON.

Graduate Education Manager adds project and supervisor information to the data model.

Managed groups

The user sync uses Managed groups to categorise the users in the sync. The control file will need to include a mapping from the category provided in the input files to the appropriate group code in Haplo. The following groups are available by default:

  • hres:group:researchers for academic staff
  • hres:group:admin-staff for non-academic staff

If your application will be used by students or taught students, the following groups will also be available in your system to categorise the students:

  • phd:group:doctoral-researchers for students
  • hres:group:postgraduate-taught-students for taught students

Reference documentation

Research Manager user sync setup.