Fossil source control

Haplo Services provides free source code repositories for Haplo Platform developers who have a hosting contract, using the Fossil open source version control system.

Fossil is a distributed version control system which avoids the complexity of similar systems. It also offers an integrated wiki and simple ticketing system.

You don’t have to use Fossil. We’re happy to work with other version control systems if you host the repositories.

We’ve provided simple instructions for using Fossil.

Terms and conditions

The Fossil hosting is provided to developers under these conditions:

  • The repositories are only to be used for developing Haplo plugins.
  • Large files should not be stored in the repositories — this service is intended for source code and web-ready artwork.
  • You must not configure your repository to allow public access.
  • You must create individual Fossil accounts within your repository for each of your developers.
  • You must not configure the repository to block our access to the haplo user — we use this for deploying your plugin on the live servers.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

https only

Our Fossil server does not respond to unencrypted http requests. You must always use the https URL provided.